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Plow Guards


plowguard1 sm plowguard2 sm

  • Designed to Protect the Integrity of any Part of the Blade
  • Protects Against Direct Impact on the Cutting Edge That May Lead to Premature Failure
  • Can be Used on Front Wing Plows as Well as Steel or Carbide Blades
  • High Carbon Steel - Economical
  • Carbide Hardfaced - Platinum Level Impact and Wear Protection

Product Specs

Customized Punching


Curb Guards

curbguard1 smcurbguard2 sm

  • Protects the Integrity of the Mold Board
  • Provides Excellent Impact and Wear Performance
  • Extends the Life of the Cutting Edge
  • Custom Hole Punching
  • Steel Parts Provide an Economical Solution
  • Hardfacing Provides Maximum Wear Protection

Product Specs

  • 3/4"x6"x
  • 3/4"x8"x
  • 1 1/8"x6"x
  • 1 1/8"x8"x

Bull Nose Blade Protector:

  • Absorbs Impact
  • Prolongs Blade and Mold Board Wear Life
  • Ultimate Durability and Strength
  • Cost Effective
  • Standard High Carbon
  • Carbide Hardfaced

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