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Vibration Suppression & Longevity.

VST™ (Vibration Suppression Technology) is our patented innovative snowplow cutting edge vibration suppression technology that combines four essential snowplow pieces into one complete unit: front poly, back poly, steel carbide blade and cover blade for an all-in-one poly-encased carbide cutting edge.


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The poly-encasement supplies greater vibration suppression and the fully enclosed blade prevents corrosive materials from compromising the layers and carbide blade within. The single blade unit decreases damage to the road and plow while increasing the blade lifespan by suppressing vibration from road surface contact.

The VST Blade Components in detail (image above):
1. Proprietary Polyurethane
2. Bushing
3. EE - Carbide Cutting Edge
4. EE - Steel Carbide Blade
5. Adhered Cover Blade

** Available in 3 & 4 foot configurations which include Curb Guard systems.





Increases Safety
Having 1 complete blade section eliminates the need to handle many individual parts during assembly / installation.

Reduces Road Damage
Damage to roads is significantly reduced do to a 50% reduction in vibration of the cutting edge.

Reduces Driver Fatigue
A 50% reduction in vibration helps reduce driver fatigue.

Increases Productivity
Lower fatigue + increased blade life = less downtime.

Lower Cost
VST is 4 components in 1 requiring less time
to install and maintain making VST a durable and affordable
blade system at the most competitive rates in the market.

Increases Blade Life
Carbide inserted blades encased in polyurethane provide a
shock absorption effect that increases the life of the carbide blade.


Snowplow parts wear out, especially in high use areas. The VST blades provide superior performance and longevity when compared to traditional steel blades. Life expectancy of VST is generally 10 to 20 times longer than that of a steel blade.

The VST Surpasses the Competition...

  • Greater vibration suppression
  • Superior in quality
  • A fraction of the price
  • Additional cushion for improved wear
  • Installation is safe and easy with one complete unit

Manufactured with carbide from Castlebar! Castlebar Corporation is a leader in carbide insert manufacturing.  Bringing more than 20 years of research, design and engineering in the carbide, metal cutting & manufacturing industries, Castlebar is further committed to service as a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB).

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Product Details

SDVOSB Eligible

 Airport Runways, Airport Ramps, Highway & Interstate, Municipal Streets, Wing Plows

Features: Vibration Suppression and Longevity

Blade Type: Poly-Carbide




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